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Name: Groove
Other Characters: Fiora ([personal profile] goes_all_out) Grace Nakimura ([personal profile] me_underfire)

Character Name: Star Butterfly
Age: 14
Canon: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Canon Point: S2E1, "My New Wand!"
Character Information:


Star Butterfly is literally a manic pixie dream girl. She's a hyperactive 14-year-old who loves bright colors, glitter, hearts, and puppies!!!

...As well as hardcore medieval weaponry, exploring dangerous alternate dimensions full of monsters, and casting powerful, arcane magic spells. Yeah.

Star may be a ~maaaaagical princess from another dimension~, but she'd rather be out taming warnicorns and kicking monster butt instead of having tea time. She's extremely irresponsible, but she means well, which is probably why her parents sent her to Earth instead of *shudder* St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.

Star is incredibly scatterbrained. Her living space is in a constant state of "a tornado just blew through here", and she rarely considers her actions before following through with them. As a result, she can be very reckless at times, endangering herself and others because she didn't think things through. Fortunately, Star is also very flexible, and is capable of acting on the fly and adapting quickly to any weird situation she finds herself in. That's not to say she has the attention span of a goldfish- even though she doesn't always consider the consequences of her actions, she can be very determined to finish what she started, even going so far as to pull all-nighters to fix a problem she caused with the wrong spell.

She grew up in the lap of luxury- the princess of a powerful kingdom with an amazing destiny. It's no surprise that she's pretty selfish, and she's got an extreme case of only-child syndrome, which compounds her already immature personality. She rarely takes things seriously until it's too late, and often doesn't consider other people's feelings before springing into action. Of COURSE Marco wants to go dimension-hopping, because it'll be awesome! And of COURSE Brittney's party would be better if the bus were a bounce house, because who doesn't love bounce houses!?

For someone who's normal day involves casting magic spells and taming wild warnicorns, Star is pretty clueless about just about everything outside of Mewni. Even the most mundane things on Earth are new and exciting to her, and she reacts appropriately (and really, can you blame her? She didn't even know what sugar was.). She also has a habit of being literal-minded, such as when she summoned a flying pig in response to the idiom. This can easily give someone the wrong impression that she's a total ditz at first, especially if they haven't seen her in action against monsters.

She's not all bubbles and rainbows, though. Star's got a combination of inferiority complex and dread about becoming the next queen of Mewni, as having her future written in stone is incredibly daunting for her. Possibly her greatest fear is the loss of her freedom and individuality, if her reaction to St. Olga's is any indication. She's also super, super monster racist thanks to being taught a very whitewashed version of Mewni's history, although she's getting better, and has even helped and befriended monsters on different occasions. Still, she tends to think in absolutes and is merciless to those she considers enemies.

Most of all, Star just wants to have fun! And she wants everyone around her to have fun, too! If you can survive the whirlwind of sugar, sparkles, and lasers, you'll find a sweet, albeit excitable, young lady who wants to put a smile on your face!

5-10 Key Character Traits:

Naive (mainly in the black and white morality sense)

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? FITS

Opt-Outs: Arachne, Faerie, Pooka, Goblin, Gargoyle, Werewolf
Merperson (Fiora), Werebear (Grace)

Roleplay Sample:
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First roll (Week 1)

1. 94 - The Koopa Special
A spicy slice of pizza with pterodactyl tail, dinosaur bits and...lizard bits. (NOTE: She ate this the minute it came out of the machine)

2. Empty Matchbox
If you were really small, you could use this as a bed.

Second roll (Week 1)

3. Green Dress
A pretty dress. Makes you feel right out of a Miyazaki movie

4. Decoder Ring
D-R-I-N-K Y-O-U-R...

5. 109 - Mickey Ice Cream Bar
An ice cream bar in the shape of a certain mousey mascot. (NOTE: She already ate this, too)

Third Roll (Week 4)

6. 12 - Wanted Poster
A wanted poster for the notorious B'rer Fox - "Known for general nastiness. A danger to Critters 'n everyone else. Likes rabbit stew."

7. 28 - The Fox and the Hound 2 DVD
A DVD for "The Fox and the Hound 2: The Fox and the Hound Start A Band". Good thing you can't play it.

8. Sun Hat
A gift from Sophie - a pretty sun hat. Don't let it fly off! (NOTE: She has been wearing this regularly)

9. Wand Charger
If for any reason you have a magic wand that you need to charge, use this! (NOTE: She has turned this into a makeshift magic wand with a whisk she found in the kitchen.)

Fourth roll (Week 5)

1. Princess Dress
You feel like this would belong to a pretty kickbutt princess.

A gift from ???. A letter written on weathered parchment paper. (NOTE: what the actual heck you guys)

3. 81 - Possum Hat
A hat that looks like some sort of dead upside-down possum.


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