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First roll (Week 1)

1. 94 - The Koopa Special
A spicy slice of pizza with pterodactyl tail, dinosaur bits and...lizard bits. (NOTE: She ate this the minute it came out of the machine)

2. Empty Matchbox
If you were really small, you could use this as a bed.

Second roll (Week 1)

3. Green Dress
A pretty dress. Makes you feel right out of a Miyazaki movie

4. Decoder Ring
D-R-I-N-K Y-O-U-R...

5. 109 - Mickey Ice Cream Bar
An ice cream bar in the shape of a certain mousey mascot. (NOTE: She already ate this, too)

Third Roll (Week 4)

6. 12 - Wanted Poster
A wanted poster for the notorious B'rer Fox - "Known for general nastiness. A danger to Critters 'n everyone else. Likes rabbit stew."

7. 28 - The Fox and the Hound 2 DVD
A DVD for "The Fox and the Hound 2: The Fox and the Hound Start A Band". Good thing you can't play it.

8. Sun Hat
A gift from Sophie - a pretty sun hat. Don't let it fly off! (NOTE: She has been wearing this regularly)

9. Wand Charger
If for any reason you have a magic wand that you need to charge, use this! (NOTE: She has turned this into a makeshift magic wand with a whisk she found in the kitchen.)

Fourth roll (Week 5)

1. Princess Dress
You feel like this would belong to a pretty kickbutt princess.

A gift from ???. A letter written on weathered parchment paper. (NOTE: what the actual heck you guys)

3. 81 - Possum Hat
A hat that looks like some sort of dead upside-down possum.


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